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Bayan Indah is a unique place, situated in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, the culinary heart of South East Asia. It's nestled on the edge of pristine tropical rain forests, yet luxuriously fitted throughout with a quirky, beautiful blend of rare Asian antiques, modern Asian artworks and furniture hand-made by our own carpenter. Here is where Rohani Jelani gets her inspiration for the original recipes which she designs for many international clients. Here is also where she styles food beautifully to be photographed for magazines, books and product packaging. Bayan Indah is therefore an ideal venue to hold unique culinary events for groups and businesses as we always aim to charm and delight, to teach and to entertain, to soothe and calm, and to make sure everyone simply enjoys a wonderful time with us.

The idea behind Bayan Indah is culinary peace. The grounds are green, luxuriant and our organic cooking ingredients come directly from our own herb gardens. The kitchen is one of the prettiest kitchens in the country, and this is where you can organise and take part in our remarkable and highly-acclaimed cooking classes. A lot have been written about our classes, which attract all levels of amateur and professional cooking enthusiasts locally and from around the world. And everyone who comes always enjoy a scrumptious lunch or dinner afterwards - nobody ever leaves Bayan Indah hungry.

We cater for exclusive business seminars, corporate functions, staff days out (and also special family or social events). Many local and international companies have been to Bayan Indah for stimulating and relaxing management/staff meetings, or personalised dining events. Our separate elegant seminar house on the grounds is popular for private meetings, brainstorming and training sessions. It is unique, secluded and relaxing, with full catering facilities - ideal for an unusual, useful day out for staff and management. We hesitate to use the word "teambuilding" as Bayan Indah is more than just a location for group activities - as an example, we offer unique corporate challenges which educate staff about team dynamics, leadership and work relationships. Also, we are not a restaurant/hotel which handles multiple groups in a single day, so every event means that the whole of Bayan Indah will be dedicated exclusively to a single client and unavailable for other people. This ensures that our clients are always our top priority and treated especially well - as they deserve to be.

Malaysia is marvellous, especially for culinary fans, and it has been said that one can have a different style of food every day for a year and still not eat the same meal twice. Bayan Indah is simply the most comfortable, peaceful and remarkable place to learn, enjoy and experience the true warmth and spirit of Malaysia.

We hope that you agree.


PS. Please kindly note that Bayan Indah is a non-smoking location indoors. Also, please make an appointment beforehand if you intend to visit Bayan Indah as we cannot entertain casual visitors.